Therapy Services in Kamloops to Help You, Your Relationship, or Your Child and Family

Therapy Services in Kamloops to Help You, Your Relationship, or Your Child and Family

Adam Moilliet, Registered Social Worker and Counsellor

I provide the following services:

Parent-Child Counselling

Individual Counselling

Calm Anxiety, Boost Your Mood and Feel Better About Yourself and Your Life

You may struggle with worries and fears that you can’t control.

Perhaps you’ve had traumatic experiences. You may have symptoms of PTSD.

Maybe you feel anxious, sad, or irritable. It might be difficult to concentrate or focus. You might have intimacy difficulties, intrusive memories, panic attacks, etc.

You could feel sad or depressed.

Maybe you have trouble getting out of bed in the mornings because you lack energy and motivation and don’t want to face the day.

If you experience any of these issues, counselling can help improve your mood, reduce or resolve symptoms of trauma and PTSD.

As your counsellor, I’ll work with you to help you get relief from symptoms of anxiety or depression.

We’ll work to calm your worries, increase your energy, and boost feelings of self-worth.

* ICBC, VAC and FNHA referrals for any of the above issues are accepted.

Relationship Counselling for Individuals

Resolve Relationship Pain and Unhealthy Patterns of Relating

Relationships can be gratifying. Unfortunately, they can also be incredibly painful. You might be a single person who has difficult relationships, and you want to have more satisfying ones.

Perhaps you’re currently struggling in a relationship, and your partner is not willing to attend couples counselling. Or, maybe you want to attend by yourself to deal with issues that bother you.

Individual counselling can help you break free from unhealthy relationship patterns of relating and heal pain from the past.

Whether you’re stuck in conflict that never gets resolved, dealing with the aftermath of an affair, or grieving the ending of a relationship, I can help you overcome your problems and heal your pain.

Couples Counselling

Resolve Conflict and Deepen Your Connection

Being in a relationship that causes stress and pain is one of the most challenging things to deal with. It can distract you from your daily activities and keep you up at night tossing and turning.

You ruminate over and over about what you did, what you should have done, and what you could do in the future.

You may feel angry and resentful towards your partner. Perhaps you’re not even speaking to one another.

You feel helpless because no matter what you try to do to improve the situation, it doesn’t work.

Couples counselling is sometimes the only thing that can help couples who are stuck.

Marriage counselling can repair even the most profound hurt and damage. It can help you communicate more effectively and restore the love and harmony you once shared.

Parent-Child Counselling for Your Family

Have Peace of Mind Knowing Your Child is Doing Well

When your child is having problems, you worry to no end. You read books, watch videos, and try everything you can think of to solve the issues.

But NOTHING is working – or at least not very well.

It breaks your heart to see your child struggle. You might feel angry if your child is acting out at school, at home, or with peers.

You may be incredibly frustrated if your child has a negative attitude and disobeys rules or talks back to you.

You wonder, “Am I doing something wrong?

Being hard on yourself doesn’t help. You may need the help of a counsellor to guide you and your child through these problems.

I can support both you and your child to find a way through the struggles you’re having. We can discover what’s at the root of your child’s behaviours and feelings and then work to resolve them.

Life can be better.

You don’t have to feel discouraged or helpless when an experienced counsellor like myself is available.

Whether you’re seeking counselling for your child, yourself, or your relationship, I can help you or your family get back on track.

Ready to get started? Contact me in my Kamloops office to book an appointment.

Ready to get started? Contact me in my Kamloops office to book an appointment.