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Marriage & Couples

Marriages & Couples

When we feel disconnected with our intimate partners, it can feel like we are out of sync with the relationship rhythm that leads to feeling uncertain about the future. We may also feel disconnected from ourselves, questioning our confidence. It might feel that no matter how hard you try, your wheels keep spinning with no traction. Through a process of identifying the the negative and damaging interaction patterns, we will move towards a new synchronized rhythm of interactions for new hope.

Premarital, infidelity, sexual problems, communication problems, attachment related issues, chronic conflict, trauma, mental health and substance use affected relationships.

I am trained in Emotionally-Focused Therapy, one of the most researched and evidence-based approaches used today to improve the connection relationship fulfillment between couples that lasts over time. I also provide other couple approaches including Brief Strategic Couples Therapy for those couples who are looking to address one particular issue that is causing tension and communication problems.

Created for Connection Workshop

Created for Connection – marriage course for Christian couples. This workshop is based on the work by Sue Johnson and from the original book Hold Me Tight. Sue Johnson and Kenneth Sanderfer developed Created for Connection to appeal to the community of Faith. This marriage workshop is designed to help strengthen and enrich marriages for those wanting to go deeper and get closer with one another. This course is completed over eight sessions and can be condensed to a weekend.

Courses can be delivered upon request by church groups or outside church settings.


We all face the questions, do I really belong? Or do I really matter? As a parent and therapist, it is my mission to support families so each family member can answer those questions with increased confidence.

Parenting is hard and scary; being a child can also hard and scary. With all the access to information and experts in the field, you would think we would have the “manual” figured out, but we don’t. With society’s pressures and expectations, it’s even harder, and as parents we need all the help we can get.

By using attachment related systems approach, we will work together to pinpoint the issues under the behavior that are causing the problems to help improve family connections – empowering family members with the tools, skills and strategies to function at their greatest potential.

Sessions may include one-on-one with family members starting at school age and up, joint counselling with parts or all family group members, or combination of both.

Issues I tend to help most with include blended family issues, parent/child conflict, attachment problems. adjusting with a disability or illness, adoption and infertility.

Individual Counselling

I specialize in anxiety, depression and addictions. I also work with personality related issues, grief and trauma.

When we face hardships, it can feel very isolating and overwhelming. We all have coping strategies, but sometimes our usual strategies endure too much stress—putting too much pressure on our mental health and well being. Connecting with a supportive counsellor can help you strengthen your existing strategies or develop new healthy strategies. I use a few different models of therapy to help structure our work together.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This model focuses on changing the way we think to change what we do and that impacts our moods We will work collaboratively and apply interventions and tools to change the systematic patterns of thinking, behaviour and mood to achieve your goals that better align with your values and beliefs.

Solution Focused Therapy

We usually have more than one issue we are working through, which can be overwhelming knowing where to start. In this approach, we work together to identify one or two issues and work towards practical solutions to that issue that are measurable and that can be tracked. As a person sees change with one issue, there is often a positive affect to the other issues improving a person’s overall sense of wellness and confidence. This approach tends to be shorter-term.

Emotionally Focused Therapy for individuals

Through accessing the deeper parts of ourselves, we can better understand how the way we see ourselves is heavily determined by the attachment bonds we have or by the attachment wounds we accumulate over our lifespan. Together, we will look at how creating new corrective experiences and improving relational constructs will increase mental wellness and the view of self and others.

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